Our Services

Services We Offer:

NEO Virtus Engineering provides solar engineering and electrical power system design aimed at optimizing the performance of your PV system.  A design by NEO can provide savings in labor and materials, enhanced performance, code compliance, and overall safety and security for your installation.

NEO Virtus Engineering offers product development and evaluation services for the photovoltaic industry. The focus here is to provide PV and inverter manufactures enabling technologies to extend their product’s capabilities while leaving them free to focus their R&D on their core expertise. Services include product testing and analysis, evaluation for code and safety compliance, and design of balance of system electrical components.

Examples of such services include:

Modeling of component grounding for UL/NEC complianceIMAG0030 (2)
Evaluation of thermal properties of PV module junction boxes
Analysis of line voltage transducers for NEC compliance
Development of wire management options for array mounting systems
Design of NEC & UL compliant integrated array frame grounding methods
Development of custom monitoring systems
NEO Virtus Engineering provides the benefit of twenty five years of electrical technology and Code experience to minimize the time required by the developer to achieve a listed, NEC compatible and functional component.

Solar Power Forecasting

NEO Virtus Engineering first started research in solar power forecasting in 2002 based upon the assumption that some time in the future PV power contributions to the grid would be large enough so that grid operators and load serving entities would need power production forecasts. That time has arrived. Our first solar forecasting patent was awarded 2009. In 2010 NEO supported Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s (SMUD) in a successful bid to the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) R&D project focused on evaluating the impacts of high penetration PV on the electrical system. NEO’s subtask is PV power forecasting.

SMUD-NEO Irradiance Monitoring Network

The need for forecasting solar power production, for both grid management and power markets is growing rapidly both within utilities and in the private sector. To better understand the state of forecasting, variability and future impacts to their system, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and NEO Virtus Engineering have deployed a network of 71 solar monitoring devices covering most of SMUD’s 2330 square kilometer service territory. Funded by a grant from the CPUC, and administered by Itron under the California Solar Initiative RD&D program in 2010 the project is now in its third year. The devices were installed to validate solar forecasts and solar resource variability for high penetrations of solar on SMUD’s grid. The purpose of the grant was to develop and deploy hardware and software tools to model and mitigate impacts of high penetrations of PV on the distribution network. NEO Virtus designed unique data logger based monitoring units for measuring global horizontal irradiance and ambient temperature which were installed on SMUD’s poles. NEO’s “sister” company, Day Ahead Instrumentation LLC, manufactured the monitoring units.