About Us

NEO Virtus Engineering Inc., is an electrical engineering and solar engineering consulting firm. We have served the technical needs of utilities, MEP engineering and architectural firms, environmental consulting firms, construction companies and solar photovoltaic integrators, and product developers and manufacturers in the area of solar photovoltaic design and research since 2001.

Safe, Cost Effective, Code Compliant

When recommending or specifying particular components our selection criteria are to provide the safest, code compliant, and most cost effective system that meets the clients stated design objectives. NEO Virtus Engineering is a professional engineering firm that works solely on a fee-for-service basis and does not represent any manufacturer. We do not receive commission on any of the items we specify, nor do we resell any hardware devices. This approach allows NEO Virtus Engineering to act in the clients best interest at all times.

Areas of Practice in Solar Photovoltaic Technology

  • Electrical design, specification and construction estimates for solar PV systemsHPIM1166
  • Performance based specifications in industry standard (CSI) format for competitive solicitation
  • Performance evaluation, system modeling and rating
  • Design reviews, construction inspections, PV system commissioning
  • Solar photovoltaic feasibility studies: technical and financial
  • Instrumentation for PV system SCADA integration & protective relay design for interconnection
  • Personnel training, documentation & preparation of O&M manuals
  • Solar resource assessment using Rotating Shadowband Radiometers & custom instrumentation
  • Product development studies: UL/NEC compliance, electrical design, market assessment