About Us

NEO Virtus Engineering Inc., is an electrical engineering and solar engineering consulting firm. We have served the technical needs…

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Our Services

Services We Offer: NEO Virtus Engineering provides solar engineering and electrical power system design aimed at optimizing the performance…

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Projects & Capabilities

Commercial and Industrial Projects: NEO Virtus Engineering offers complete electrical and solar design services for commercial and industrial clients. …

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Benefits to Solar

In less than one hour, enough solar energy hits the earth to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year. By utilizing  just a small portion of this abundant energy source, solar power technology significantly reduces the financial and environmental costs of generating and using conventional electricity.

Save the Environment

  • The sunlight that falls on the Earth in just one hour could provide a full year’s energy for every single living human being. Solar energy is clean energy. In addition to not releasing emissions into the atmosphere, it reduces the need for other forms of energy which do – everything from drilling for, pumping, refining and transporting – and shipping it from foreign countries – to generating electricity by burning fossil fuels.


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NEO Virtus Engineering, Inc. is an electrical and solar engineering consulting firm serving the design and specification needs of the photovoltaic construction industry. NEO has professional and corporate registrations in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. With a focus on photovoltaic electrical power system design, building integrated photovoltaic systems, instrumentation and control systems, and inspection and commissioning, our firm offers a broad range of services for medium to large scale photovoltaic projects (50kW to MW range).


Our capabilities also include instrumentation and controls, and data monitoring and analysis services. We specialize in integration of renewable energy system data into existing building energy management and SCADA systems. If your design concept demands specialized DC or AC power system instrumentation and controls such as current and voltage sensing, remote trip and reset capability, or custom DC or AC ground fault detection and interruption, NEO can meet your needs. If your interconnection requires protective relaying NEO Virtus Engineering has the capability to provide
it and can arrange for the third party testing and certification required by most utilities.

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In addition to design and instrumentation services, NEO can provide construction phases inspections for quality assurance, commissioning, and performance verification services. We can create full O&M and safety manuals for our designs. NEO offers safety and maintenance training for your customer’s staff, including lock out and tag out procedures, proper use of test equipment, schedules and methods for periodic monitoring, and routine maintenance procedures. NEO Virtus Engineering can deliver all of your electrical and solar engineering design needs–from pre-feasibility and bid phases to commissioning, performance evaluation and closeout–for your commercial, industrial, and utility scale photovoltaic projects.